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The Online MBA From the UAE to Help Your Career Growth

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If you've been looking to get a promotion, uplevel your skills and take your MBA from a prestigious college but you don't have the time and capacity to move to another country to study abroad... We have the best opportunity for you. A fully online MBA from a prestigious college in the UAE will get you a master's in Business Administration degree from the United Kingdom, at half the price you would usually get it. Pretty exciting, right?


The best part is that this online MBA from the UAE is for professionals, whose schedules are tight and hard to move around. That's why they offer super flexible online, live classes at work-friendly hours, that are recorded in case you miss any. 


The  Online MBA from the UAE You need

Another exciting thing is that a bachelor’s degree is not a must to apply to the MBA if you have 7 years or more of work experience. When it comes to payment, they are very flexible with payment plans and offer a solution to pay in 12-14 month instalments. The rewards are beyond imagination. You will get 3 certifications: an MBA degree from Exceed, one from the UK, and a certified manager certificate.


Online MBA from the UAE


You can apply anytime, as Exceed College has intakes for their 3 master's every month of the year. 


So here are the best master’s Degrees Programs to get from Exceed College:


Master in Business Administration (MBA)

This one is only for 1 year, and it costs AED 44,000 with registration fees of AED 4,000. You don’t even need a bachelor’s degree to apply (if you have over 7 years of work experience)! The degree is divided into 2 parts, each takes 6 months to complete. The first one is an extended diploma in strategic business management where students learn all about international marketing management, strategic management, sustainability & business, accounting for next-generation leaders, strategic leadership, and human resources practices in organizations. 


Meanwhile, the second part is the MBA program, where students work on research methods and their dissertations. Once completed, students get dual qualifications: from Plymouth Marjon University in the UK and the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA)! Click here to learn more about this master.


MBA in Global Business Management

The 1 year MBA requires a bachelor's degree from a recognized university and some professional experience. The tuition fees are AED 44,000 and the registration fee is AED 7,500. The program is divided into 2 6-month parts. You will be receiving an extended diploma in global business management and the MBA program. 


The diploma includes studying strategic management, sustainability in business, strategic leadership, and application of business analytics. Meanwhile, the MBA program will have the students working on research methods and management projects. Click here to learn more about this master.


Master of Arts in Leadership in Education

Applicants need to have a bachelor’s degree or a certificate from abroad, as well as 1-year experience in education or a related field, and that needs to be supported by evidence and documents. The tuition fees are currently discounted, and you can take the whole master's for the price of AED 30,000!


This degree will leave students as professionals in understanding conceptual frameworks and equipped with the skills to learn and perform at level 7. The students will get 2 certificates: a post-graduate diploma and a post-graduate certificate in leadership in education. This master's degree is ideal for those who want to enter a career in teaching and education. Click here to learn more about this master.


If any of these three master's calls your attention and want to advance your career online, click here to learn more about your online MBA from the UAE!


Also, don’t forget to sign up to Educatly and browse through our programs. Even better, follow Educatly for more about studying abroad.

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