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The 10 Best MBA Degrees in Ireland to Take This Year

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If you’ve been dreaming of getting your master’s in business administration (MBA), Ireland might be one of the best choices! There are many benefits to taking an MBA that would skyrocket your career in every possible way. Actually, studying in Ireland might be... quite life-changing. 


Dublin, as you might know, is the Silicon Valley of Europe. Hosting all of the biggest tech companies including Google, Linkedin, Microsoft, Facebook, Hubspot, Twitter, Airbnb, Salesforce, Tiktok... the list goes on. 


And what's better is that they are constantly hiring and looking for new international graduates to join their team of rockstars. So, while you are getting your MBA in Ireland, you will most likely be put in contact with people from these top big tech companies and get your smooth transition from university to a (VERY) high-paying salary!


There are some of the best MBA Degrees in Ireland and a lot of options. There are 7 amazing universities in Dublin and Limerick that offer diverse master’s programs in business administration (MBA). And the tuition fees range from €9,000 to €34,700 a year. To make your life easier, Educatly is here to connect you to many MBA Degrees in Ireland.


Here are the Best MBA Degrees In Ireland:


best MBA Degrees in Ireland



You can also browse through more MBA degrees in Ireland, and more than 350 MBAs all over the world. Or filter through more than 700 master’s degree programs in Ireland in diverse fields and read our blog about the top programs to study in Ireland.


What are you waiting for? Sign up to Educatly and update your profile to get a customized browsing experience and even get matched with the most suitable program for you, and apply. 


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