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Study Abroad Filmmaking and Be the Next Christopher Nolan

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If you’re a film buff in every sense, as in you love writing, cinematography, production design, or acting, then, by all means, this is FOR YOU.


Getting a degree in filmmaking should be the path for you if filmmaking is your passion. With so many amazing degrees out there and career paths, it’s about time you study abroad filmmaking for an internationally accredited degree!


Educatly is connecting you to 48 universities worldwide that offer more than 190 filmmaking degrees, with tuition fees starting at $1,194 a year! Be it a short course, bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree, you’ll find it. You'll come across a program when studying in the UK, Hungary, the USA, Ireland, Canada, or the UAE.


Here are the best programs to study filmmaking abroad:

Short course

Browse through 19 diverse programs and take a workshop in filmmaking, fashion film, acting, and more!



Choose your degree in film & media studies, cinema & screen studies, film & digital arts, multimedia in filmmaking, film studies & music production, film & television production, drama, creative writing, screenwriting, and way more. There are more than 90 bachelor’s degrees to browse through.


Study Abroad Filmmaking



Among 70 master’s degree programs, select your favorite one. Whether in film & TV studies, filmmaking, acting, film curation, film & visual culture, producing film & TV, feature film development, film distribution & marketing, directing fiction, editing, producing, cinematography, or more, Educatly will connect you.



We can connect you to 3 Ph.D. programs in film & visual culture, film & TV studies, and theatre, film & TV studies. Read all about it and pick out your favorite.


With a degree in filmmaking, you will develop a variety of skills that open doors to a wide range of jobs. You can work as a film director, actor, screenwriter, producer, production designer, art director, VFX artist, special effects technician, script supervisor, location manager, production sound mixer, custom designer, talent agent, or much more! So much goes into film and TV making, and as a professional cinephile, you’ll find your path.


What are you waiting for? Study abroad filmmaking now. Just sign up to Educatly and update your profile to get a customized browsing experience and get matched with the most suitable program for you. Or you can just browse through all our filmmaking programs to choose your favorite!


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