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Want to Study Abroad? Stop Wishing and Just Do It (This is How)

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Even though the world closed down for nearly two years, people’s dream of living and studying abroad still remains high. Nearly 80% of students worldwide want to study abroad on campus. They want to move to another country, live the life they’ve always aspired to live, meet new people from across the world, have a high-quality education that leads them to an exciting career, experience new cultures, and enjoy their newly found freedom. 


But it’s not easy for everyone, and this might be your case. All transformational things in life require a little bit of work. You might be scared about being alone, unable to afford to study abroad, or your family trying to stop your dream. We’ve all been there. We know how overwhelming it can get sometimes.


“You can’t go and live in a country on your own,” Someone might tell you. 

“You can’t afford to study abroad.”

“You can study here; that’d be enough.”


But that shouldn’t stop you. It’s not for anyone to decide your future but for you. If you want to live independently, have an exciting international career, make friends from every country, travel, and live an unforgettable experience… but don’t know how to make the first move, Educatly is here to tell you that you’re not alone. Millions of students aspire to study abroad, and many of them succeed. With Educatly’s help, you can be one of them. We can help you demolish all those barriers, fight your fears, and make it happen.


Study abroad


When it was dark, we discovered fire and electricity; then we invented light bulbs. For every problem, there’s a solution.


  • If you’re afraid it’d be too expensive, Educatly has affordable programs (starting at 2,500 USD) and even student loans in the USA.
  • If you’re afraid you’d be alone, Educatly has students you can connect with worldwide.
  • If you’re afraid of leaving your family behind, we tell you that it will actually be hard to do so with Facetime, WhatsApp, countless long vacations, and affordable flights.
  • If you’re afraid you don’t have great grades, we can find you programs that don’t require high grades.
  • If you’re afraid that you won’t get accepted into the program of your choice or even be able to convince your parents, we can tell you that we have a whole team to help you with just that.


Don’t let fear take hold of you. You are the one in control. You’ve already waited for too long. Don’t throw away your dream at the most crucial time of your life. 


This is the time to learn, grow, evolve, and build a career for yourself. If you won’t do it now, then when will you? If not you, then who? 


You don’t even have to struggle to achieve this goal because we will help you with (literally) everything. 


Educatly offers you:

  • 1. Affordable bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D, courses, diplomas, and more
  • 2. Students all over the world to connect with just a click 
  • 3. Even a job working as an ambassador, sharing your study abroad experience with other students, where you can make up to 40 USD an hour
  • 4. A blog where you can learn about following your passion, studying and working, and creating a balance in your life.


Push boundaries and achieve your dream of studying abroad. Your favorite study abroad programs will be waiting for you right here. All you need to do is sign up to Educatly and update your profile to get a personalized browsing experience through our programs.


Don’t forget to follow Educalty for more on studying abroad and education.

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