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Study Abroad Creative Writing & Be the Next Stephen King

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Most writers love writing because they can communicate through it, and express themselves and the world around them. Others love writing because they get to create worlds and paint pictures using words. Whatever reason you love writing for, writing for a living is definitely your ultimate dream. However, this can be a reality. Study abroad creative writing if your dream is to be a renowned writer.


Educatly is connecting you to the best creative writing programs abroad to make the most out of so many job prospects and diverse fields to work in. Learn all about grammar, literature, composition, developing plotlines, settings, and characters, the history of fiction writing, and develop your writing and editing skills as well as your communication skills.


Study Abroad Creative Writing

Study Anywhere In The World And Get Any Degree You Want

Now you can get an internationally accredited degree and study abroad creative writing in the USA, Spain, the UK, Ireland, Canada, the UAE, or Italy. With 100 creative writing programs, you can choose the most suitable program for you in your favorite country to live and study abroad.


Study Abroad Creative Writing


Take a bachelor’s degree in drama & creative writing, creative writing & journalism, fine arts in creative writing, creative writing & film studies, or more! Select your program among 44 bachelor’s degrees. For advanced career prospects, get your master’s in creative writing, fine arts in creative writing, or creative writing & education. Pick a program out of 40 master’s degrees for more experience and job opportunities. To be a true professional, get your Ph.D. in creative writing, creative & critical writing, or in creative writing research. Choose among 7 Ph.D. programs in the UK to help your career take off.


Get a Writing Job In Many Fields

It may come as a surprise, but this degree will definitely help with job opportunities. The cherry on top is that the average salary for a creative writing degree holder starts from $50,000, so you'll definitely live a comfortable life.


You can work as a:

Content Writer
Grant Writer
Public Relations Specialist
Email Marketing Specialist


And much more.


Start your creative writing journey now and start searching for the perfect creative writing program abroad. You can browse through many creative writing programs, pick out your favorite one in the country of your choice and apply. Or we can help you with everything, just sign up to Educatly, and update your profile to get a personalized browsing experience through our programs.


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