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Do You Want a High Paying and in-Demand Job? Study Abroad Dentistry

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Dentistry is a growing career of the future. It is a very important profession that helps people maintain their oral health, and dentistry offers a great opportunity to work with people and help them improve their smiles! The world will never stop needing dentists; in the next couple of years, they will be in demand more than ever. As a dentist, you can enjoy a stable profession with good job prospects and earn an average salary of $158,940 annually. Educatly is here to guide you through studying dentistry abroad to thrive in a future of employment and comfort.


Get this high paying and in-demand job:

There are 110 dentistry programs that we can connect you to, offered by 35 universities all over the world. You can now study abroad dentistry in Malaysia, Spain, the Philippines, Georgia, the US, the UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada, or Turkey.


As a Dental Degree Holder, You Can Work As:

• • Anatomical pathology technologist
• • Dental hygienist
• • Dental technician
• • Dental therapist
• • Dentist
• • Health improvement practitioner
• • Higher education lecturer
• • Medical sales representative
• • Science writer
• • Secondary school teacher
• • Teacher
• • Teaching laboratory technician


High Paying and In-demand Job


Take your bachelor’s degree in oral health therapy, dental technology or more; you can select one of many specializations and jobs with one of these degrees. Choose one of more than 30 bachelor’s degrees we can connect you to. For more advanced qualifications and jobs, get your master’s degree in oral sciences and dental hygiene, or select one of 74 master’s degree programs in dentistry. There are also 5 Ph.D. programs for you to choose from and reach the highest ends of your career. Dental hygiene is never going out of style! Select one of 110 study abroad programs in dentistry, pick out your favorite, and apply to it.


If you need help looking for the best opportunity abroad for you, sign up to Educatly, and update your profile to get a personalized browsing experience through our programs.

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