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Chemistry is everywhere around us. The interaction of matter and energy is essential to every part of life, including the dye in your hair and the air conditioner in your room. It’s key to our lives, so if you’re a fascinated science geek and want a forever-thriving career, study chemistry abroad. 


A chemistry degree is worth your while. You can make an average of $85,000 a year with a master’s degree, while a Ph.D. holder can make up to $100,600. You'll never feel static with so many diverse in-demand jobs in this ever-growing field.


Educatly is here to connect you to 700+ programs to study chemistry abroad! You can study in one of 170 universities all over the world: the UK, Malaysia, the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Lithuania, Germany, Spain, the UAE, New Zealand, Italy, and Turkey.


Study chemistry abroad and get one of many degree levels:

Get one of many degree levels:

Bachelor’s: Take your BS degree in chemical engineering, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, and more. Just choose the most suitable program of 400 chemistry bachelor’s degrees for your career goals.


Master’s: Get a master’s degree in analytical chemistry, nanomaterials chemistry, materials chemistry, and many others. Select one of 180 master’s degrees to really advance in your chemical career.


Ph.D: Acquire your doctoral degree in inorganic chemistry, chemical biology, chemical physics, and much more. Pick out one of 35 Ph.D. programs that Educatly can connect you to now.


Study Chemistry Abroad


There are various degree levels that you can check out and choose from. Be it an A-level degree, advanced diploma, associate degree, foundation degree, postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, pre-bachelor’s, pre-master’s, or a short course,  you’ll find it on Educatly!


There are many jobs awaiting chemistry degree holders:

  • • Analytical chemist
  • • Formulation chemist
  • • Medicinal chemist
  • • Process chemist
  • • Biotechnologist
  • • Chemical engineer
  • • Chemical technician
  • • Chemistry teacher
  • • Environmental scientist
  • • Food Technologist
  • • Forensic scientist
  • • Geochemical engineer
  • • Geochemist
  • • Hazardous waste chemist
  • • Laboratory manager or technician
  • • Materials scientist
  • • Nanotechnologist
  • • Patent Attorney
  • • Pharmacologist


The title isn’t meant to inspire you to be a methamphetamine crime lord, but to be the great chemist who founded Gray Matter. All you need to do is sign up to Educatly, browse through more than 700 programs to study chemistry abroad, select your favorite program, and apply to it! You’re gonna need to study your heart out, but you’ll be following your passion.


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