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7 of the Most Affordable Ph.D. Programs in the USA

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Internationally accredited degrees are sought after, yet people always believe that they’re expensive, especially when it’s a master’s degree or a Ph.D. However, that’s just not true! There are actually many Ph.D. programs all over the world that won’t empty your bank account and are definitely worth your while, as a Ph.D. has many benefits for you.


What’s better than getting a Ph.D. from the United States of America? Probably a Ph.D. in the UK? Doctoral degree from Turkey? Ireland? Canada? Actually, they’re all beneficial and have their pros and cons. But in the USA, you can get one of 7 affordable Ph.D. programs in the US for tuition fees less than $1,000 per credit.


Affordable Ph.D. Programs in the USA: 

1. Physical Therapy: You can study physiotherapy and major in physical therapy at Duquesne University for $48 a year.


2. Educational Leadership and Higher Education: Get a degree in educational studies fully online at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for tuition fees of $676 per credit.


3. Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner: At Liberty University in Virginia, US, you can get a degree in medicine & health and specialize as a family nurse practitioner for yearly fees of $635 per credit.


4. Nursing: For $635 per credit, you can specialize in health sciences at Liberty University and study on campus in the US.


Affordable Ph.D. Programs in the USA


5. Clinical Psychology: Get your Ph.D. in the scientific study of the mind at Liberty University on campus for tuition fees of $635 per credit.


6. Engineering: Study in the promising field of engineering & technology at Liberty University for three years, with tuition fees of $635 per credit.


7. Criminal Justice:  Get your doctoral degree in law now and specialize in criminal justice. Take your degree at the University of New Haven for $965 a year.


What are you waiting for? This is the time to apply to affordable Ph.D. programs in the USA! Sign up to Educatly, browse through all our Ph.D. programs in the US, in the filter, select the range you want for tuition fees, select your favorite program, and apply.


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