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Become a Digital Learning Professional in Just 4 Months

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If you’re into getting a high-paying and in-demand job, then digital learning design is absolutely for you. Now, you can learn and grow on a global scale with international accreditation. Educatly is connecting you to the Digital Learning Institute (DLI), the leading online institution for learning creation. Located in Dublin, Ireland, DLI is dedicated to helping people be experts in digital learning and designing forceful, state-of-the-art digital learning experiences.


After graduating from their program, you will learn how to create online courses, design exciting curriculums for schools, or develop a growth plan for a company with the HR department. DLI courses qualify you as a certified digital learning professional with a promising career. They’re partnered with Glasgow Caledonian University, and their certificates are recognized worldwide and are industry-approved as well! There are two amazing online and self–paced programs (meaning you can take your classes whenever it’s most convenient for you) that DLI offers to prepare you to be a digital learning professional or instructional designer in just 4 months.


Get One Of These Degrees In The Digital Learning Institute:


digital learning institute


Professional Certificate in Instructional Design:

It is fully online and costs just €899 all in all! The course lasts for just 8 weeks, with just 3 hours of classes a week. If you take this certification, you’ll be studying eLearning design principles and the underpinning theory; you’ll also be able to design and build high-quality eLearning programs, work with experts, and design a storyboard for interactive, engaging eLearning courses, build an eLearning prototype using eAuthoring tools. The main reward is being a certified instructional designer! You can apply here and start learning next month!


Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design:

For just €1950, you can take a 4-month program and take online classes for just 4 hours a week, at your own pace. This course teaches you how to build instructional skills for all types of digital learning, design digital learning experiences, create exciting curriculums for in-class and online schools, apply UX and visual design principles, and use the tools and technologies necessary for that career. With this postgraduate diploma, you’ll advance in your career as a specialist in digital learning design. If you apply this week, you’ll be able to start learning next month! 


This is the time to build your career and seize all the opportunities this field has to offer. The process is simple: sign up to Educatly, check out the Digital Learning institute’s programs, select which one fits your career path best, and apply with a few clicks.


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