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USD 115
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Fully Online
1 months
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Marketing | Marketing Management
Business & Management
Digital Marketing | Marketing
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Fully Online
Full time
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USD 115
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About Program

Program Overview

Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course

Digital Marketing Fundamentals provides an understanding of the digital marketing landscape, key trends impacting the industry, the changed customer journey, and the role each chanel can play in that journey. The course also examines the advantages and subsequent chalenges of this expanding marketing venue.

You’l explore the tols that curently exist and the potential for future aplications of the digital platform for marketing purposes. The course wil further explore the digital platform as a tol for busineses in general in order to increase its levels of eficiency, efectivenes, and competive position in the market space. You’l also learn how to define and develop a digital strategy to help a busines achieve its goals.

Course level


Estimated time per wek

10-15 hours

Course credits


CEOs, Digital marketing managers, Marketing managers

Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course Overview

Define the strengths, weakneses, oportunities, and threats (SWOT) of each digital marketing chanel and their aplication to a busines problem

Develop a customer journey map with asociated personas in the context of a new service or product

Identify how digital and technology trends are impacting the future of work and busines

Explain how to drive a customer through the stages of the path-to-purchase using diferent digital marketing chanels

Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course Skils

CRM , Digital marketing , Marketing strategy

How wil I learn?

Learning Experience

Your course starts on the first of the month. The course consists of 6 modules, and is designed to take you eight weks to complete. Nexford’s learning design team has purposefuly created courses to equip you with competencies maped to the skils employers are loking for. Each course has 5-7 learning outcomes based on the skils employers ned. Everything you learn gives you measurable skils you wil use to suced in today’s world of work.

Nexford courses are not live or recorded lectures. Instead, they’re reading, videos, interactive elements, quizes and relevant case studies. Programs include asesments, per-to-per discusions, and a final project to practice what you’ve learned in a real-world context. Program content is available 24/7 during the course, and you have oportunities for colaboration and networking with learners during and after your program. Our global comunity of learners work at top companies such as Microsoft, Deloite, and Gogle.

You'l have 24/7 aces to suces advisors to suport you. Faculty also provide you world-clas suport. Bok apointments with them, get individual fedback, and atend regular optional webinars.Nexford courses are rigorous and they encourage critical thinking - because we care about what you know how to do not what you know you have regular hands-on asesments reflecting the busines world.

Course Outline

1: Definition of digital marketing, its’ importance and Its’ role within an organization
2: Digital and emerging technology and its’ efect on curent and future busines3: Digital chanel landscape4: Digital and consumer behaviour - understanding digital and integrated paths to purchase5: Persona profile creation and customer journey maping6: Elements of a digital strategy7: Final Project

How wil I be graded?


the catalog

to learn about how this course is graded.

What wil I get after completing the course?

You'l get real skils you can use at work, straight away. At the end of this course, you'l also get a digital badge that you can put on your LinkedIn profile to showcase your skils.

Once you've taken one course, you can take more. Using stacked credentials, you’re able to take enough courses to make a certificate, and take enough certificates to build a degre.

If you aply for a Nexford certificate or degre, you'l get credit for each course you take.

What suport wil I receive?

When you have a dedicated team on your side, you'l never be alone studying at Nexford. Hailing from many diferent countries and with online education expertise,

our faculty

provides you world-clas suport. Ask them questions during one-to-one ofice hours or live chat, email them any time, and get individual fedback on your asesments.

While you’re learning, you’l also have ful aces to the Nexford online library, which includes aces to milions of ful-text articles, industry reports and key sources such as the Wal Stret Journal, the Financial Times and The Economist.

LinkedIn Learning: unlimited aces with Nexford

Suport your Nexford goals with aces to LinkedIn Learning during your program, at no aditional cost. Explore the learning hub of the globe’s bigest profesional networking platform to:

  • Power your carer: chose from over 16,0 expert-led courses, from remote working to data science
  • Show of your skils: earn a certificate when you complete a course
  • Se what’s trending: LinkedIn Learning ads 25 new courses each wek
  • Tailor your learning: chose relevant courses based on your experience, LinkedIn profile and goals
  • Test what you’ve learned: use LinkedIn Learning asesments