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Why Educatly

Unlock a world of Education for your students

Give your students access to a global one stop shop for international education services on demand
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Why Educatly

Grow your value with educatly

to earn points, redeem rewards, and build scholarships for students

Student Users
University Partners
Live tracking and analytics

will help you track your students’ progress and stay up-to-date with their application

Access international education resources

Unlimited access to educatly's international education resource library, guidelines, program list, and universities list

Perks & Benefits

in addition to redeemable points, and cash incentives

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Why Educatly
Join our network of recruitment partners
Enhance your ability to open a world of unlimited educational opportunities to your student network through Educatly.
Connect Globaly
Unite students worldwide, fostering cross-cultural connections and friendships that transcend borders.
World-Class Advisors
Tap into a network of seasoned advisors, renowned experts, and industry leaders, guiding students towards their educational aspirations.
Frictionless Experience
Discover a world of opportunities seamlessly, with a user-friendly platform that simplifies the search for the perfect educational experience.
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What Our students say

We aspire to offer a world class experience to all our partners and their students.

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CEO and Founder of OBM

Awesome and brilliant collaboration

Grateful for the incredible partnership that has fueled our study abroad program. Thanks to our amazing partner for joining us on this exciting journey!

Omar Elbarbary

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Educatly believes in the power of collaboration and aims to digitally integrate the world's education ecosystem. By bridging gaps and connecting the global education community, we strive to break down barriers, expand horizons, and create a future where knowledge has no boundaries
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