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How To Update Your Educatly Profile for Personalized Browsing
We're here to help you update your Educatly profile to match you with a program, get a customized browsing experience, and unlock a free consultation!

We’re here to help you find educational institutions, promote education, and uncover the perfect study abroad opportunity for you. Based on your needs, abilities, skills, interests, and preferences, the platform will assist you in finding the perfect match. Your profile must be updated with information about your preferences, hobbies, desired degree type and level, and even the program price you want to enroll in!


Updating many different sections might sound easy, but we know it can get a little tricky. That’s why Educatly is here to help you update and fill your profile to match you with a program and get a customized browsing experience.


Here’s How to Update Your Educatly Profile's Preferences Section:

1. Personal interest: Read our blog on discovering your interests and making your study abroad decision here


2. Quality of education: This one is all about choosing a language to study, the type of education and degree, and more. Read this blog to know the exact steps.


3. Cost &scholarship: This section doesn’t need a lot of self-discovery. You need to put a range of costs for yearly tuition fees and living costs. The third question is whether you can afford to study abroad or need a scholarship!


4. Employment: Here, you can choose 3 different job titles to pursue so we can connect you to degrees that qualify you for that job. Then, you need to answer two yes/no questions about whether you plan on working while you study or not and if you want a university that offers internships or not.


update your Educatly profile


5. Lifestyle: This section is all about your environment. You can choose whether you want a huge school or a school with 12,000 students. You can also choose to live in a rural or urban area. There’s more to it as well! You can choose an average number of students per class, preferred campus size, and even the frequency of cultural/personal development events based on how much you're into that kind of thing.


You should also choose the degree of international students to be at your school, and of course, the higher the percentage, the more welcoming the environment will be. Lastly, all universities have sports teams, so you can choose the sports you’d like to be available.


6. Admission process: Now it’s time to choose the percent of selectivity of the university. For explanation, if you choose 10% - 50%, then a lot of applicants will get accepted. The lower the percentage, the higher the competition with other applicants. The next part is to choose the level of visa complexity. The obvious thing, of course, is to choose the easy one, but bear in mind that you’ll be matched with a few countries only in that case! 


The last section is two yes/no questions. You can choose to apply easily with your Educatly profile in one click or also get matched with programs that take a few more steps to apply. The best part is that Educatly can connect you to international students studying at your matching university. They’re actually Educatly’s international advisors, here to share with you their experience studying abroad (and they’re making money doing just that.)


To Really Polish Up Your Profile, Add Your Experience And Accomplishments

While you’re at it, we advise you to add your previous work experience (if you have any) and any accomplishments, be it a certificate, course, awards, or publications. Finally, you can add your proficiencies, such as admission or language tests you’ve taken.


What are you waiting for? Fully update your Educatly profile to get matched with the perfect program.


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