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share by Angie Elgharably
For High School Grads: Activities to Impress Your College Board
The most amazing thing you can do right now is to use this summer and try out a couple of activities to impress your college board and you stand out:

If you are reading this article, congratulations are in order! You've successfully graduated from high school and are about to embark on an exciting new journey – college life. This transition marks a significant milestone in your educational journey, but it's important to remember that the adventure is far from over. As you prepare to enter the world of higher education, there are numerous opportunities to enhance your profile and leave a lasting impression on college admissions committees. 


Your college admissions board is looking for more than just good grades and test scores. They want to see well-rounded, committed, passionate, and driven individuals. But have no fear; Educatly has a wide range of activities that can make you impressive and help you stand out as a candidate in the competitive world of college admissions.


4 Activities to Impress Your College Board

1. Explore Extracurricular Activities

High school is more than just textbooks and classrooms; it's an opportunity to explore your passions and interests beyond the curriculum. As you transition to college, take the time to delve deeper into extracurricular activities that resonate with you. These could be clubs, organizations, or projects related to your hobbies, academic interests, or potential career paths.


Participation in extracurriculars demonstrates your commitment and shows your ability to manage your time effectively. It's not about quantity; it's about quality. Becoming a leader or actively contributing to a club or project can set you apart from other applicants. For example, if you have a passion for environmental conservation, consider leading a school-wide initiative to reduce plastic waste or organizing tree-planting events in your community.


Beyond traditional extracurriculars, colleges also value unconventional activities that display your uniqueness. Have you taken up archery, learned to juggle, or started a podcast? These activities can be conversation starters and demonstrate your willingness to step out of your comfort zone.


2. Get a Summer Job

While summer is typically associated with relaxation and leisure, it's also an ideal time to gain practical experience and financial independence by getting a summer job. Whether it's working as a barista, lifeguard, camp counselor, or intern, a summer job can teach you valuable life skills such as responsibility, time management, and financial literacy.


Moreover, a summer job provides insights into the world of work and the importance of earning your keep. Admissions boards appreciate applicants who understand the value of hard work and have had real-world experiences that shape their perspectives on education and career goals.


Activities to Impress Your College Board


If you're undecided about your career path, a summer job can also help you explore potential interests. For example, working in a hospital may inspire you to pursue a career in healthcare, or interning at a tech startup might ignite your passion for entrepreneurship.


3. Try Charity or Community Services

The act of giving back to your community is not only fulfilling but also reflects positively on your character. Volunteering and participating in charity initiatives can be an excellent way to demonstrate empathy, productivity, and a commitment to social responsibility.


Consider devoting your summer to a community service project that aligns with your values and interests. For instance, you could volunteer at a local animal shelter, organize food drives for the less fortunate, or tutor underprivileged students. These experiences make a tangible impact and reveal your dedication to making the world a better place.


When discussing your community service involvement in college applications, focus on the lessons you've learned and the personal growth you've achieved. Admissions boards are interested in how these experiences have shaped your worldview and contributed to your overall development.


4. Work on Yourself

Before embarking on your college journey, investing time in self-reflection and self-improvement is essential. This period of introspection can set the stage for a successful transition to higher education.


Use the summer to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Are there academic subjects you'd like to strengthen, study habits to refine, or personal goals to set? Taking proactive steps to address areas where you can improve demonstrates maturity and a commitment to personal growth.


Moreover, consider exploring your interests through reading, online courses, or workshops. Cultivating a thirst for knowledge beyond the classroom is a trait highly valued by colleges. Additionally, engage in activities that promote physical and mental well-being, such as exercise, meditation, or creative pursuits like writing or painting.


Your ability to take charge of your personal development can leave a lasting impression on admissions committees. When sharing your journey of self-improvement, highlight the concrete steps you've taken and the impact these changes have had on your life.


As you stand at the threshold of your college journey, remember that grades and test scores do not solely define the path to higher education. Colleges are looking for well-rounded individuals who bring diverse experiences and qualities to their campuses.


Engaging in extracurricular activities, pursuing summer jobs, volunteering in your community, and investing in personal growth are all ways to make a lasting impression on college admissions boards. These activities enhance your application and enrich your life by providing valuable experiences and opportunities for self-discovery.


So, seize this summer as an opportunity to explore, learn, and grow. Your dedication to these activities impresses admissions boards and sets the stage for a successful and fulfilling college journey. Embrace the adventure that lies ahead, and let your passion and commitment shine through in your college applications. Your future awaits, and it's brimming with possibilities.


This summer vacation is the perfect opportunity to think about improving and preparing yourself for the next step! Your dedication to these activities impresses admissions boards and sets the stage for a successful and fulfilling college journey. Check out our blog for everything education and study-abroad-related. Don’t forget to sign up to Educatly to explore more than 60,000 study abroad programs and prepare for your next degree. If you update your profile on Educatly, you can get a personalized browsing experience through our programs.


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by Angie
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