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share by Nadine Mohamed
The Power of Quitting: Why It’s Okay to Quit and Start Again
Blind commitment, when you don’t doubt or overthink something, makes you determined, but we say it’s a double-edged sword. It's okay to quit!

Honoring commitments is a virtue. Unwavering and blind commitment is hard to have. But giving up, quitting, and starting all over again is even harder to do.  And you know what? It's okay to quit.


People want to be committed to their relationships, jobs, workout schedule, belief systems, and much more. Complete loyalty to something or a cause is blind commitment. While blind commitment is great for building and maintaining healthy habits and succeeding in your life, did you ever think that maybe… just maybe, blind commitment can hurt you? 


Educatly is here to tell you that it can. Did you ever think that it's okay to quit and start again? Because you can, especially when you have reasons to quit and know how to start again!


The Power Of Quitting 

The power of quitting


Sometimes you are on a path, but as time goes by, you find out that maybe it’s not working out for you anymore. This could be a relationship, a field you’re studying, a career, or even level 782 of a super fun game that’s wasting a lot of time. Blind commitment, when you don’t doubt or overthink something, usually makes you get things done. But we say it’s a double-edged sword. 


Blind commitment can make you get degrees you don’t want, stay a customer service agent when you want to be a writer or stay in a toxic relationship because you don’t know that it’s okay to quit. When you get out of the mindset that you're in something for the long haul, no matter how much you don’t want to or how harmful or useless it is, you can change your life.


If you start a task or a route, and you’re fixated on one method, even though it’s not doing you any good, you will get frustrated. Always remember that you can change your path, quit that school, job, or relationship, and start over again.


Do You Have Reasons To Quit?

It’s Okay to Quit


When you commit to something that lasts for 4 years, like a college degree or even a career, you should be sure that you want it. If at any point you grew uninterested and it’s not bringing you joy, recharging your batteries, or making you feel like you have a purpose, then why are you even doing it? 


It's Okay to Quit

Important aspects of life, such as a degree or a career, should not be chosen on a whim or carelessly. Those are things that you build your life around. They grow and expand, and you spend at least 8 hours a day doing them. So, if it’s something that you’re not passionate about, that’s sucking the soul out of you, why in the world would you stay? It's okay to quit!


We are constantly growing and changing, so it’s important to always be in touch with ourselves and figure out what we want and know how to do to pursue it. Because if each person is doing something that they like, that excites them, life would be way more enjoyable. 


How To Start Again

It’s Okay to Quit


Obviously, you need to have an idea of what you want to do or have an alternative when you quit. It’s true that sometimes people have the luxury of quitting school and taking a gap year to figure out their passion. Some people can quit a job and explore before pursuing a new career. If you’re one of those people, you’re lucky. Don’t waste time on something that makes you exhausted and quit.


On the other hand, some people can’t up and leave without having a backup plan. Having an idea and steps to follow, no matter how elaborate, is essential to get into what you love. If you’re an engineer and you want to get into business, then get a degree in business and find a job. This will open doors for you to learn, grow, and master your new career. 


You don’t need to feel stuck. You don’t need to be a committed person at the expense of living a miserable life. The ones who can actually change their mind and their path, and do it shamelessly, are the happy ones!


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