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share by Nadine Mohamed
Top 8 Soft Skills for a Successful Career
What is it that you've got to have for employers to throw themselves at you? We’re gonna tell you. Here are the needed 8 soft skills for a successful career:

What comes after graduation is exciting! You get to work on yourself to build a career, make money, and grow. But what does it take, you ask? What is it that you got to have for employers to be throwing themselves at you? We’re here to tell you. Educatly has always got what you need, and in this blog post, we reveal the top 8 soft skills you need to have a successful career.


The 8 Soft Skills For A Successful Career:

1. Emotional intelligence

To be emotionally intelligent is to be a great manager… of yourself and your emotions. However, it goes beyond that. Emotional intelligence in the workplace means having great social skills to deal with your coworkers. Self-regulation and awareness in times of stress would go miles in your office. Don’t forget about empathy and the ability to motivate yourself as well!


2. Taking feedback and criticism well

This ability will give you the tools to grow and enhance to be the true professional you want to be. When you take feedback well, try to improve yourself, and work on your weaknesses, you can succeed.


3. Being Flexible

Flexibility and adaptability are crucial to life at this age, with everything moving quickly. However, in the workplace, it’s super important to be flexible! Growing industries and companies are always on the go and need people who are the same. Someone who adapts to the changes, learns, and evolves with them will excel and grow in his job.


4. Listening

A worker who actively listens knows what his boss or colleagues are doing, how work is going, and what’s asked of him. Employees who actually listen are effective and respect others.


Soft Skills for a Successful Career


5. The willingness to grow

Just like everything in life, work doesn’t always go your way. Just like everyone, sometimes you will fail or face challenges. Your willingness to brush it off and get up again for another try would differentiate you from all your other colleagues. A growth mindset is very important to get things done in a workplace. No one likes a person who wallows in their misery, so instead, be a fighter and a go-getter!


6. Being a team player

There’s rarely a job that you can do alone. Every job requires working with a team, your colleagues, or your manager and his manager. People who can’t handle themselves and cooperate with their team face a lot of struggle and give a very bad impression. So if you’re a team player, you can literally make it anywhere, anytime, and you’d generally lead a very smooth career!


7. Managing people 

This skill is important, even if you have no plan to take on more responsibilities and take the lead. If you’re not managing a team, one day, you’re going to be someone’s boss; even as a surgeon, you’ll have nurses working with you, and you need to manage and lead them. Some of the people management skills include the ability to communicate, patience, problem-solving skills, accountability, and positivity.


8. Have a positive work ethic

An overall positive work ethic is highly in-demand. You have got to make an effort, give your time, have a solution-driven mindset, cooperate, be dedicated, and take initiative. You can also always aspire to be productive, decisive, and a self-learner.


Are you ready to be the best version of yourself and gain the top soft skills for a successful career? 


You can have all those skills to be a great employee. To start, you can take emotional intelligence classes or read books about it, and the rest would be history. This is because emotional intelligence is the most important skill you need to have to acquire the rest. The second most important skill is the ability to take feedback well.


Emotional intelligence allows you to be self-aware and assess yourself to know where you’re incompetent. With the ability to take feedback, you can ask someone you trust to observe you and tell you what they think you can be better at. That way, you can take your notes and make a plan to learn and develop those skills.


But, did you know that if you study abroad, go and live in a whole other country on your own, be independent, participate in extracellular activities, volunteer, or get a part-time job abroad, you can easily acquire these soft skills for a successful career and even master them?


Studying abroad is a heavenly experience with many benefits, and you can do it now. 


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