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share by Nadine Mohamed
Do You Love Video Games? Take This Bachelor’s in Games Design Abroad
We're going to tell you what getting into game design means, its benefits, the bachelor’s in games design abroad you can get, and the jobs you can get!

Even if you love playing video games, does that mean you should get a career in game design? Honestly, not necessarily, but we’re going to let you decide that. Educatly is going to tell you about what getting into game design means, its benefits, the bachelor’s in games design abroad you can get, and the jobs you can get!


What does it mean to work in game design? 

For starters, it means you’ll be working in a booming industry. The gaming industry only continues to go up. In 2020, the industry’s revenue was $155 billion, and according to analysts, it’s expected to generate $260 billion in revenue by 2025. There’s a high demand for animators, artists, writers, sound engineers, actors, programmers, and designers, and we think it’s only going to get better.


To be in game design, you have to love video games, be a team player with good communication skills, have the technical skills of programming, but most importantly, have a creative mind and want to create stories, animated worlds, and puzzles for players to solve. Being in game design means you can make up to $149,500 a year. If you have a passion for gaming, then a career in game design is an amazing option, and it’s totally worth it. We’ll tell you how.


What are the benefits of working in game design?

First things first, you can be as creative as you want. You can make up a story about unicorn-riding monkeys who fight off people with water balloons. Then you can work with a team, design it, turn it into a video game, sell it to people, and actually have results (AKA money!)


A great part about working in game design is that there are many ways to get into the industry. You can start with a degree or a course, an internship, or a job as a game tester, start learning on your own and create a game. It’s a creative industry where you can learn and grow! You can work at a huge company, think EA, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Epic Games, or Riot Games; the sky is your limit. Another alternative would be to work independently as a freelancer or even part-time. 


Bachelor’s in Games Design Abroad


Despite the fact that sometimes you might pull an all-nighter trying to meet a deadline, a career in game design is absolutely worth the trouble. Think of the money you’ll actually be making. It’s not like you’re going to stay up all night for no reason. Sacrifice some sleep for cash…


What can you study to get into game design?

A degree in game design is your ticket to a fast-expanding industry. Assuming you even get a degree but grow bored of video games (haha, that’s a nice joke,) you’ll still have your coding, programming, and engineering skills to get you a prestigious, high-paying job in a tech international company.


Now… to get a job at Rockstar Games, Activation Blizzard, or Tencent, you higher your chances with an internationally recognized degree from a high-quality university, you know? Like all the kickass universities and programs to study abroad with Educatly. But before we get into that, remember that you need to enjoy programming or designing to actually get into game design and live a fulfilling life. Actually, don’t love it; our programs will make you love it!


You can get your game design degree from the UAE, Australia, the UK, Malta, the USA, or Ireland. There are over 200 video games & multimedia programs for you to choose from, offered by 78 universities all over the world. For €3,750 per semester, get your bachelor’s in Games Development from the American University in Malta. With one of those degrees, you can get one of many jobs!


What jobs can I get with a degree in games & multimedia?

Well, here’s a long list of jobs you can get, to scratch the surface:

  • • Animator
  • • Applications developer
  • • Audio Worker
  • • Background Artist
  • • Character Artist
  • • Concept artist
  • • Content Designer
  • • Desktop Publishing Specialist
  • • Document Specialist
  • • Game designer
  • • Game Developer
  • • Game Mechanic Designer
  • • Game Producer
  • • Game Tester
  • • Game Writer
  • • Graphic designer
  • • Illustrator
  • • Lead Designer
  • • Multimedia Author
  • • Multimedia programmer
  • • Publication Designer
  • • Quality Assurance Tester
  • • Software engineer
  • • Sound Designer
  • • Texture Artist
  • • Visual Effects Artist
  • • Web Designer


Need we go on? 


If someone is passionate about something and has the skills to pursue it but doesn’t, it would be called a total shame. We believe that if someone can achieve their dreams and get into game design, it’s you. You’re the one in control, so get your bachelor’s in Games Design abroad now!


So what are you waiting for? Sign up to Educatly and update your profile to get a customized browsing experience and get matched with the top program for you. Or just click here to check out our games & multimedia programs.


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