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share by Nadine Mohamed
Is Passion Overrated? Here's Why Your Skills Matter More
So many people ask the question, "Is passion more important or skill?" Skill is more important, and Educatly is here to tell you exactly why.

Everyone is always talking about finding their passion to work in what they love. But is passion more important or skill? Well, I have an unpopular opinion: finding your passion is overrated


People have put their lives on pause, never doing anything meaningful because they haven’t found their passion. Or maybe because they’ve found it, and don’t know how to pursue it or make money off of it. Well, hear me out! 


You Don’t Need To Worry About Finding Your Passion For 3 Reasons:


1. Searching for your passion can be inefficient

Many people weren’t lucky enough to find their passion at a young age. Some didn’t even try to explore to actually discover their passion. As a reaction, they never choose what to study or find out what their dream job is, so they’re miserable, waiting for the magic to happen. Well, it’s not going to happen and it doesn’t really matter. Why, you ask?


2. Because if your passion is dancing, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be a good dancer!

Your passion might be to sing, but that doesn’t mean you sound good. It might be drawing, but you can’t hold a brush to save your life, or it might be swimming, but your lungs and muscles just won’t let you. It doesn’t mean you’ll get to win the next Grammy, host your own exhibition or get a Gold Olympic Medal. While you can implement your passion in small parts of your career, here and there, don't get frustrated if you can't make your whole career around it. 


3. Passion changes

What you’re into at the age of 15 changes by the age of 25, 40, or 50. You’ll find that your interests change over time as we grow. So don’t worry about spending a decade trying to be a writer, when 2 years in you stopped being interested.


So if you're wondering if passion is overrated, we tell you that it is. Passion is so overrated to the point where lifetimes are wasted over it.


What You’re Actually Good At Matters A Whole Lot More!


is passion more important or skills


Look, we mostly study to get a job and make money to buy things we want to enjoy our lives. It's pretty apparent at this point that it's all about finding a job and making money. However, your life doesn't need to be this dull. You can actually find a job that you like and are good at because let's face it, you will spend most of your life doing it.


If you know what you’re good at, you'll easily choose what to study, and getting your dream job would be just as easy because you're GOOD AT IT. And you will be happy. Logically speaking, why wouldn’t you be happy if you’re good at your job? Everyone loves being complimented and celebrated by their peers for doing a good job. What’s painful about being so amazing that you get a raise, a promotion, or even start your own business?


Finding what it is you’re specifically good at beats finding your passion because it’s realistic, can help you find what to study, and you can utilize it in the job market and the world. You can make a list of all your skills and have a go at a thing or two, you might actually find what it is that you love and are good at as well! Everything is trial and error, so maybe when you go one way, you will find your true path and your passion (if you still care, of course.)


You can read more about education, diverse fields to study, careers, and study abroad programs on our blog. Are you good at sports? Cooking? Writing? Science? Maths? Discover your skills by browsing through our blog!


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by Nadine
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