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The Top Fields to Study in the USA

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Usually, when someone thinks of studying abroad, they contemplate the United States of America. It’s a land of the free and diversity. You won’t even need to worry about American culture because you’ve watched American movies and listened to American music. You know a lot.


But what about education in the USA? What are the top fields to study in the USA? Which universities are suitable for you? 


Educatly has got you covered!


Top fields to study in the USA


In 2022, there are 3 top fields that you can study in the USA. We got all the programs and the best universities. You can now study in New York, Washington D.C., Florida, Tennesse, Illinois, or many amazing states!


The Top Fields To Study In The USA

1. Engineering:

A lot of people aspire to study engineering in America, and they have reasons to. The job market for engineers is large. With so many different majors, the opportunities are countless. Now you can study biological, electrical, environmental, chemical, and software engineering. All you have to do is sign up to Educatly, filter through 740 diverse programs and 78 universities all across the USA, and apply to your program of choice.


From there on, it only gets better, as there are bachelor's degrees, master’s, and Ph.Ds. Moreover, engineering jobs pay well!


2. Business

Everything is a business. As a business graduate, you will never experience unemployment. We can connect you to 93 business schools in the USA, and they're fantastic. Take your bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. in business administration, business information systems, business law, or international business. An MBA would definitely get your career skyrocketing. Browse through Educatly’s 420 programs, read all about the curriculum, and how much it costs, and pick the most suitable one.


Management and financial analysts are in high demand, as well as marketing and sales managers. Apply to a program in the USA and sleep like a baby. 


3. Economics

The USA has the best universities and economics programs in the world. Studying economics means understanding politics, psychology, sociology, and history. You can study abroad economics, applied economics and management, and environmental economics & policy. Educatly can connect you to 272 programs in 75 different universities. As an economics graduate, you can work in financial risk, as a data analyst, accountant, or more. You can work in a bank or governmental agency. The possibilities are endless.


Matter of fact, economics graduates make more money than business graduates. And their salaries are competitive as their skills are highly appreciated in the financial sector.


What are you waiting for? Check out all of Educatly’s programs and universities to study in the USA.


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