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Live in Spain and Study in One of Madrid's Best Universities

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Don’t waste a moment confused about where to study! Especially if you’ve made Spain your study-abroad destination. Educatly is here to connect you to one of the best universities in Spain: Saint Louis University Madrid!


When you study abroad at Saint Louis University Madrid (SLU Madrid), you’d be studying in an American university that is one of the top 100 research and teaching institutions in the US, but in Spain! This high-end university will provide you with world-class education, as you study alongside international students from all over the world. 


As a student at SLU Madrid, you’ll have access to housing, a library, medical services, sports facilities, as well as student clubs. With 55 bachelor’s and master’s degrees in many fields for you to choose from, you can follow your dream.


Not only will you be getting a high-quality education, but you’ll also be living in Madrid. Can you imagine? Life in Madrid means being surrounded by cultural diversity, making friends, and creating families with people from different parts of the world. Not to mention, the amazing weather, warm sun, events, museums, art galleries, and cuisines. The economical prices would make your life easier, and it won’t hurt when you get the chance to learn Spanish or get access to amazing job opportunities and establish a successful career.


Educatly will help you find the most suitable program for you to study at Saint Louis University Madrid. 


Saint Louis University Madrid


Select your field and the best program in SLU Madrid for YOU!

Business & Management: Select your favorite bachelor’s degree among 9 diverse ones. It could be in international business, economics, finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, or more!


Natural Science & Mathematics: There are 6 bachelor’s degrees waiting for you: from a  chemistry bachelor’s degree, anthropology, to chemical biology & pharmacology.


Engineering & Technology: You can study mechanical, electrical, aerospace engineering, nuclear medicine technology, or more. Pick out one bachelor’s degree out of 11!


Medicine & Health: Get a degree in radiation therapy,  public health, nutrition & dietetics, health management, or medical laboratory sciences. There are 8 medicine & health programs for you.


Social Science: Now you can study women’s & gender studies, psychology, political science & public affairs, philosophy, occupational science, or more. Select a program for you among 8 ones.


Educational, Training & Linguistics:  It’s about time to get your bachelor’s or master’s degree in Spanish! SLU Madrid got both of them for you.


Architecture & Art Design: Get your bachelor’s degree in art history, arts & sciences major, or more. Just check out SLU Madrid’s programs and follow your dream.


Computer Science & IT: There are 2 bachelor’s degrees available. You can study computer science or computer engineering and kick-start your professional life.


That’s just scratching the surface! You can also study environmental science, magnetic resonance imaging, sports business, athletic training, leadership & human resources, communication, history, or African-American studies.


Living and studying abroad in Spain would change your life 180 degrees for the better. 


All you need to do is sign up to Educatly, browse through Saint Louis University Madrid’s programs, and apply to the most fitting program for YOU. Or you can filter through 300 programs in Spain or Spain’s top universities and start your study abroad journey.


Don’t forget to also follow Educatly for more about studying abroad.

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