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share by Nadine Mohamed
5 Amazing Reasons to Study Abroad in Greece
Here are some reasons to study abroad in Greece and live the whole European experience: 1. The rich history. 2. The weather. ...

Greece is such a beautiful country for tourists. Traveling there is one thing, and living there is another. You can now move to Greece to study abroad and live the whole European experience! Educatly is here to share 5 reasons why you should study abroad in Greece and also connect you to the best bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.


Here Are 5 Amazing Reasons To Study Abroad In Greece:


1. Affordable

First of all, the living costs of life in Greece are inexpensive. Actually, rent in Greece is 72% lower than in the UK, so you can pay almost a quarter of what you would pay in another big European country. Regarding public transportation and food, you wouldn’t be breaking the bank and can live comfortably for around 647€ a month. University tuition fees are also cheap, so you should definitely check out those study abroad programs in Greece.


2. There are some amazing islands

When in Greece, you have to visit its islands. The famous Santorini is where you can get a sea view and enjoy the colorful flowers. Another island would be Corfu, which looks like being in Greece and Venice at the same time. There’s also Crete, Rhodes, the Island of Odysseus, and Ithaca! Do not waste time in Greece without visiting those beautiful islands.


Reasons to Study Abroad in Greece


3. It’s very safe

Crime rates in Greece are almost nonexistent. It’s doubtful you’d experience any violence or witness a crime. Even women feel comfortable and safe when alone in the streets of Greece. Most importantly, the country is diverse with many cultures, and they’re very accepting, so you won’t feel attacked or discriminated against as an ex-pat.


4. The weather

This is one of the best reasons to study abroad in Greece! Its Mediterranean climate is mesmerizing, with sun all year round; the summers are warm and dry, while the winter is cool and wet. So, in the summer, wear your favorite swimsuit by the beach, and when it’s cold, you can wear your favorite jacket!


5. The rich history

The 3,000-year-old ancient civilization is full of history, culture, and art. There are a lot (I mean,  A LOT) of historical sites, ancient temples, and archaeological sites all over Greece. When you’re there, make sure to visit the historical buildings and famous sites such as Mount Olympus, the Acropolis, ancient Sparta, the temple of Olympian Zeus, the Byzantine city walls, and the Parthenon.


There are many reasons to study abroad, and we just added Greece as a reason of its own. You should be looking forward to living and studying abroad in Greece by now! What are you waiting for? Start looking for the perfect program for you and take the steps. Sign up to Educatly, browse through all of our bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Greece from 3 of the top universities there, select the most suitable one for you, and apply.


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