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share by Nadine Mohamed
Here Are the Top 10 Fields for Natural Leaders
Browse through some of the most dominant fields for natural leaders to study abroad. Educatly connects you to over 9,000 program all over the world!

Do you think you’re a natural leader? Are you someone who people trust and believe in? Can you be in charge of people or projects? If that resonates with you, you should study one of the best leadership-based fields.


A natural leader inspires others and directs them down their necessary paths. It just so happens that some of the best leaders in the world have a degree in social sciences, humanities, or management, as well as international experience traveling abroad. If this isn’t a sign for you, natural leader, to study abroad, we don’t know what is!


This is your chance to browse through some of the most dominant fields for natural leaders to study abroad. You can work as a teacher, coach, psychologist, salesperson, business manager, operations manager, HR manager, stockbroker, politician, real estate agent, and a few more. Educatly will connect you to over 7,000 study abroad programs at different degree levels all over the world! You can study in one of 29 countries: the UK, the USA, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Australia, and much more. 


Here are the top 10 fields for natural leaders to study abroad:

1. Economics

Economy degree holders go on to have amazing jobs that require leadership skills. If you have a bachelor’s degree, master’s, or a Ph.D., you will acquire knowledge and experience to lead multinational companies. With a degree in economics, you can work as a data analyst, economist, economic researcher, financial consultant, investment analyst, and more. Browse through 1,300 economics programs and select the most suitable one for you.


2. Law

With this degree, you can work as a lawyer, law enforcement officer, legislative assistant, policy analyst, senior compliance officer, and a few more. All of those job titles require a natural leader like yourself, and with such a degree, you can make a true change. Check out more than 1,200 law programs and choose your favorite one from different types and levels of degrees!


3. Political Science

There are a lot of career options with this one. Presidents of the world’s countries are mostly politicians, and they’re leading nations. With a degree in political science, you can guarantee a job as a political advisor, political consultant, advocate, development officer, policy researcher, and many other jobs that require a leadership mindset. Filter through more than 800 political science degrees all around the world and pick out the best one for YOU.


4. Psychology

Leadership skills are essential to jobs such as a counselor, educational psychologist, psychologist, psychotherapist, or social worker. That’s why this is a field a natural leader would thrive in, even if they took the path of academia. Examine more than 1,700 psychology degree programs offered by 212 universities worldwide. 


5. Teaching

Teaching requires some qualities and characteristics that not everyone has. This job needs a patient leader. With a degree in teaching, you can be an education consultant, education coordinator, educational mental health practitioner, school principal, or teaching assistant. Select one of more than 110 teaching programs that Educatly connects you to, and start your journey.


Fields for Natural Leaders


6. Business & Management 

Ever heard someone say I am a businessman or a businesswoman as a way to declare that they’re THE BOSS? Getting into this field means you can really put your leadership skills into practice by working as a marketing manager, sales manager, business analyst, management analyst, banker, and much more. Browse through 7,000 business & management programs abroad and maybe look for your favourite MBA program for countless benefits (more like 5.)


7. Real Estate Managament

To sell ideas and products to people, you need to make them trust you. That’s why a job in this field requires being outgoing and a leader. Get a job as a real estate agent, facilities manager, real estate agent, real estate broker, real estate consultant, or property manager. Just filter through 106 real estate management programs in the UK, Germany, the USA, Ireland, and more.


8. Human Resources Management

With a degree in this field, you can easily get a job as an employee relations manager, human resources assistant, specialist or manager, office manager, payroll specialist, recruiter, or training coordinator. All those jobs entail that you’d be in charge of people or projects, so you guessed it! It needs a leader! You can maybe even get a master’s in human resources. You can read about the signs that you should and go through a list of diverse jobs you can get with this degree. Check out more than 150 human resources management programs, and select your favorite.


9. Finance & Accounting

You can get many jobs with a degree in this field. Those jobs require a leadership mindset to handle projects and daily work, thus leading your whole organization in that aspect. You can work as an accounting manager, budget analyst, financial analyst, management consultant, personal financial advisor, senior tax accountant, and many others. Browse through more than 650 finance and accounting degrees, select the most suitable program for you, and apply now.


10. Public Relations

There are more than 140 public relations study abroad programs that we can connect you to. With this degree, you can work as an advertising account executive, event manager, marketing executive, public affairs consultant, public relations officer, and more.  All of which requires being an extrovert who is trustworthy. It doesn’t require a genius to know that those are the qualities of a leader. If that sounds like you, then maybe PR is for you.


What are you waiting for? If you see yourself as a natural leader who fits in one of these broad fields, then it’s time to sign up to Educatly, browse through more than 7,000 study abroad programs, and apply to your favorite.


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