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Top 5 High Paying Jobs of the Next Decade

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You can probably see where the world is heading and what are the careers of the future. With the rise of artificial intelligence and the decline of health (hello, COVID-19!), you know that software engineers and doctors are in great demand. However, for all people who want to get ahead of the curve and profit from a skill that's highly in demand... You should check out the top 5 high-paying jobs that will rise in this decade before 2030.


Educatly has done the work for you, and we’ve brought you 5 high-paying jobs and all the degrees you can take to get to work!


Here Are the Most High Paying Jobs:


high paying jobs


1. Computer and Information Systems Managers

Information system (IS) managers could have a bachelor’s degree in any technology-linked field. The job usually means managing the information systems of a company or an organization. It also entails improving, assessing, and expanding the company’s IS strategy and supervising a team to execute the plans. The best part is that the average salary of a computer and information system manager is $159,010 a year.


Educatly can connect you to over 2300 Computer Science & IT programs to qualify you for that job. Study in one of 277 universities in Germany, Ireland, the UAE, the UK, Spain, Malaysia, the US, or Canada. All you need to do is choose the suitable program for you.


2. Marketing Managers

This job requires advertising and marketing a brand, product, event, or service. There are many marketing types: digital marketing, inbound and outbound, marketing technology, and much more. As a manager, you would lead a team to create and execute marketing plans and campaigns, as well as evaluate the result, and update your organization’s approach. If that seems like something you can do, we have good news for you. The average yearly salary of a highly skilled marketing manager is $141,490.


Marketing managers usually have a degree in marketing or a related field. There are more than 600 marketing programs to study abroad that Educatly can connect you to. You can study at one of 193 universities all over the world: the US, the UK, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Lithuania, or the UAE. Pick out your favorite and apply to it as soon as possible.


3. Financial Managers

This is another manager's job that requires dedication and leadership skills. It’s pretty obvious that financial managers handle a company’s finances. The job entails pointing out the organization’s financial weaknesses, strengths, and risks and proposing methods and ways to enhance its financial situation. You’d be leading a team of financial specialists, working on researching and creating projects to minimize cost and maximize profit. Financial managers could be making an average of $134,180 a year.


Get a degree in finance, be it a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D, you will find it among 482 programs to study abroad finance. Study in Ireland, Germany, the UK, the US, Hungary, Malaysia, or Canada. Select a program in one of 128 universities all over the world.


4.  Lawyers

A lawyer is pretty self-explanatory. Most likely, it goes like this: you gain knowledge and experience in all legal matters, present your clients in front of a judge, uncover mysteries, and pinpoint loopholes. But did you know that there are SO many sub-majors in law? Business law, financial law, international law, criminal law, human rights... The average lawyer makes an average of $127,990 a year, so it definitely pays off. 


There are more than 1,500 law degrees that Educatly can connect you to. Choose your bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D, or one of many diverse degree levels. Study in one of 192 universities in the US, the UAE, Ireland, the UK, Canada, or Australia.


5.  Physician assistant

This one needs a license to care for patients. The job entails examining, diagnosing, and prescribing medications, and creating treatment plans. It’s not like being a medical doctor because physician assistants (PAs) need supervision. Aside from actually helping and treating people, the salary is rewarding, as the yearly average income of a PA is $121,530.


To be a PA, you can study many degrees and specializations: genetics, immunology, organic chemistry, molecular biology, and much more. However, you need a bachelor’s and master’s degree in medicine & health or biological & biomedical sciences to get your license. Just select one of more than 3,500 programs and apply to it. Study in the US, the UK, Canada, Malaysia, Spain, Germany, or the UAE, and choose one of 248 universities we can connect you to.


If one of those jobs seems like something you want to do, then what are you waiting for? It's time to get one of those high-paying jobs and live a luxurious life. Browse through our study abroad programs, pick out the most suitable one for you, and apply!


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