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share by Nadine Mohamed
To People Moving to Barcelona: Here Are 9 Amazing & Surprising Facts
Moving to Barcelona to study abroad means encountering new lifestyles and cultural habits, but Educatly is here to help you prepare!

Moving to a whole new country can be overwhelming, and you’ll most probably have a cultural shock. However, Moving to Barcelona is like no other. Barcelona is extra special. When Jordan Mautner moved from the US to Barcelona, she was surprised to be met with some unusual ways of life and cultural habits. Just like her, when you move to Barcelona to study abroad, you might come across some of these things. However, Educatly is here to help you be prepared! 


Here Are 9 Things To Know Before Moving To Barcelona:

1. Barcelona speaks Catalan and Spanish

Barcelona is actually in the Catalonia region, and what that means is that people don’t just speak Spanish in Barcelona, but also Catalan! People in restaurants, stores, supermarkets, and in the streets all speak Catalan, so when you’re in Barcelona, make sure to learn enough Catalan phrases, si us plau (which means “please” in Catalan)!


2. The culture and holiday traditions are a whole other world

Forget about the Easter, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas celebrations you know of. In Barcelona, it’s almost completely different. Easter for Barcelonians is actually called La Mona! Godparents give their godchildren a cake in the shape of an egg, and the whole family eats it on the Monday after Easter. To celebrate love, there’s Saint George's Day on April 23, where women give their men books and receive a rose. 


Christmas in Barcelona is a whole month, with children leaving food and water for Caga Tió (which means a pooping log) until on Christmas Eve, the Caga Tió is hit with a stick, and it generates (or poops out) presents! Just like Christmas is all about  Santa and candy cane decorations in other Western cultures, it’s all about Caga Tió decorations in Barcelona.


3. The food! Sharing tapas, eating a sandwich for breakfast, and then there’s calçots 

People don’t just choose one plate or two for themselves in Barcelona. Instead, they share tapas, which are basically small, shareable plates. People would get as many plates as they need and try a little bit of everything with each other. It’s a beautiful way of bonding and socializing.


Eating baguette sandwiches for breakfast is ordinary in this beautiful city. It’s traditionally full of ham, with a little cheese and a side of coffee. However, Barcelona is full of tradition. For example, eating calçots is a must, a sort of onion grilled and covered in sauce and purée. This one is not for the fainthearted, though, as it usually requires wearing a bib and gloves before you devour the whole calçot in one go.


Moving to Barcelona


4. Creating a balanced lifestyle is achievable

Filled with amazing beaches and parks, people are always out having fun, working out, or at a yoga class in the park. On the other hand, there’s the wild nightlife in Barcelona! Moving to Barcelona means you can go to a fitness class in the morning, play sports, and party at night; be productive while having fun to create a balanced lifestyle.


5. Beaches and mountains surround the city

Surrounded by beaches and mountains simultaneously, you can visit them back to back and enjoy nature. There are many activities to do there, be it hiking, swimming, paddling, and many other activities.


6. It’s so easy to go on weekend trips!

There are so many amazing places to visit, and they’re all so close that you can go for just a weekend. You can visit Costa Brava, where the water is clear turquoise. Or you can go to many beaches where you’ll find plenty of restaurants and drinks. While you’re there, you must check out the coastline’s historical architecture!


7. Naps are mandatory

Barcelonians are not kidding! A nap (siesta) is a pretty big deal in Barcelona, where people take a 2 hours break from work. Even the stores close so that employees and customers can nap. It’s a productive way of life there, so make sure to schedule your life around that 2 to 4 p.m. break.


8. The late dinners

Forget about having dinner at 7 p.m. In Barcelona, dinner is served at 9 or 10 p.m., and it’s a socializing party. It might take some getting accustomed to, but once you’re there, it’s going to be like a daily mini-party.


9. Architecture is everywhere, especially Gaudí

Barcelona is a beautiful and rich city. Just walking in its streets, you’d be mesmerized by its incredible scenery. It’s filled with the work of Antoni Gaudí, the Catalan architect famous for the Sarada Familia church, so you won’t get your eye on one dull thing in Barcelona!


Jordan Mautner sure made us excited about studying abroad and moving to Barcelona! This could be a sign for you to start planning to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Just sign up to Educatly, browse through more than 300+ programs in Spain, select your favorite, and apply.


Don’t worry; you’ll find plenty of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business & management, medicine & health, architecture & art design, computer science & IT, and way more! Just check the study abroad programs in Spain.


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