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The Best 3 Medical Bachelor’s Degrees in the UK for Guaranteed Success
Here are 3 medical bachelor’s degrees in the UK to skyrocket your career and help you leave your mark in the world.

Students choose to pursue medical bachelor's degrees for a variety of reasons, such as a sense of duty or financial benefits. Studying medicine abroad, whether as a first choice or as a backup plan, is a huge commitment that lasts a lifetime and should not be treated lightly at all. And here at Educatly, we decided to help you with that! Found below are 3 medical bachelor's degrees in the UK that could skyrocket your career! 


The Top Medical Bachelor’s Degrees in the UK:

1. Pre-bachelor’s in International Foundation in Biomedicine, Biology, and Pharmacy at Newcastle University

If you don't picture yourself as a potential cardiologist, surgeon, or therapist, don't worry. You literally have six years as a medical student to pick out what you want. This program will give you more time to be able to explore and discover what you want to learn. A pre-bachelor’s is a perfect option if you want to start a professional career as a doctor. The 9-month program is an introduction to all the basics of medical school. 


This preparatory program will expose you to biology, physiology, chemistry, pharmacy, natural science, health science, and more disciplines. Taking this program at Newcastle University, you can focus on any specialization, be it viruses, bacteria, plants, or animals. The best thing is that the curriculum provides you with tools to face all the challenges in your journey to understand all living things.


Medical Bachelor’s Degrees in the UK


2. Bachelor’s in pre-hospital medicine at Queen Mary University of London

There is a tremendous demand for pre-hospital medical knowledge and practical training around the world. This means that after graduation, you can work in any hospital in Europe, America, or anywhere in the world, as pre-hospital practitioners are in high demand everywhere. 


This program is recognized as a subspecialty by the General Medical Council. The best part is that it trains medical students in this innovative and growing field. It will also enable students to obtain the best quality education to become the best version of themselves in the field of pre-hospital. 


This one out of all 3 medical bachelor’s degrees focuses on the scientific knowledge, practical skills, and professional attitudes required for pre-hospital medicine. You will be able to engage with the emergency services and hear from leading experts in the underpinning scientific fields. You will also attend large sporting events, other topic-related visits, and field trips. You'll undertake a supervised research project using either a scientific or social science approach. And, of course, you will be able to demonstrate knowledge and practical skills in stabilizing very sick and badly injured patients, which are also highly relevant to other acute care specialties. If that program interests you, click here to learn more.


3. Bachelor’s in Medicine at Queen Mary University of London

As we learn more about the human body, we realize how there’s so much we still don't know. Can you even wrap your head around the fact that we still don't know everything? That's why being a medical professional is considered one of the most interesting careers, as it's always advancing and expanding. So, we highly encourage you to check out this super-industry-focused program to prepare you for the medical field.


The demand for healthcare professionals is really high, especially after the latest coronavirus pandemic. This incredible industry-focused program will make you blossom in the medical field, as it will link your learning to the work of the faculty. With less emphasis on traditional lectures, problem-based learning in small groups encourages you to take an independent approach to clinical scenarios. 


Also, Queen Mary University of London is one of the UK's leading research-focused higher education institutions. So, you will not only be enrolled in a program with a strong core curriculum but also be part of Queen Mary University’s big family.


Finally, medical school isn't simple and frequently requires a significant financial and time commitment. However, the countless advantages are truly worth it. There's a reason why medical careers have stayed popular and are always in demand over time! 


For more medical bachelor’s degree programs, you can browse through more than 3,000 study abroad programs that Educatly can connect you to. All you have to do is sign up and choose your favorite!


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