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share by Nadine Mohamed
Here’re the Best Scholarships for Egyptian Students to Study Abroad
If you're an Egyptian student who wants to study abroad but can't afford the full tuition and living costs, here are some scholarships for Egyptian students!

Some Egyptian students find it difficult to finance their education abroad, but after reading this, we promise you that this will no longer be one of the problems delaying your dream. Especially not with the huge number of scholarships I am about to share with you that are available for Egyptian students.


These scholarships will help you cover the tuition fees as well as other expenses. While Educatly can’t offer you scholarships directly, we can connect all Egyptian students to amazing scholarship programs to study abroad. So, if you're an Egyptian student interested in studying abroad but cannot afford the full tuition and living costs, these scholarships will help you make it happen!


Why Study Abroad, You Ask?

  1. 1. Specifically, with a scholarship, you’ll study abroad while having no debt: A scholarship pays for your education, travel costs, and living expenses while you study abroad. Lifting all the financial weight off your shoulders.

  1. 2. Access to better opportunities: An internationally accredited degree can open up many doors for students in terms of employment and further education. Employers highly seek students with these degrees and can often command higher salaries. They also often have better opportunities for further study at prestigious universities around the world.

  1. 3. Access to exclusive privileges: Aside from an internationally accredited degree, you’ll have access to academic and professional networks that can help you excel in your studies and kickstart your career.

  1. 4. A greater understanding of the world: As you study abroad, you’ll get to learn about different cultures and ways of life. Which can be invaluable in today’s increasingly globalized and connected world.

  1. 5. Improved Language Skills: Many international programs are taught in English, giving students the opportunity to improve their language skills. Which is not only useful to work abroad but even in your home country. 


Scholarships for Egyptian Students


Scholarships for Development offers many scholarships, and you can select one of many scholarship programs that are currently accepting applications. But here comes the next part…


How to Guarantee Getting Scholarships as an Egyptian Students

First, you need to get accepted into a university before applying for a scholarship to get funding. Do you know who can help you with that? We can, and the process with us is s easy and straightforward. You need to sign up to Educatly (for free), and update your preferences to get a personalized recommendation experience.


Once you're in contact with our counseling team, they’ll help you with everything. Starting with finding a preferred major, program, university, and the whole application process. If you don’t know how to update your Educatly preferences, here’s a guide for you. If you don’t know what our educational counselors can help you with, here’s a little preview.


Here’s what to do to be the perfect scholarship applicant:

  1. 1. Create your CV! A CV is the first impression you’ll make, so make sure it’s one you’re proud of. Don’t worry if you don’t have work experience; share your skills and education instead!
  2. 2. A high GPA is one of the most important things in order to get a scholarship. If you’re still in school, ensure you get the best grades!
  3. 3. A high English level is crucial to studying abroad, especially for a scholarship. All bachelor’s and master’s abroad are taught in English, so this will be a key requirement.
  4. 4. Do some charity and volunteering work experience. This will show that you’re a valuable member of your community who cares about others, and this is a great quality that will help you get a scholarship! 
  5. 5. You need to get accepted into a university to apply for the funding you need through the scholarship.


This is every Egyptian student’s dream. Scholarships for Egyptians? Yes, please! I hope that this article has given you the necessary push to take the first step toward your study abroad journey. Check out all the scholarships here and sign up to Educatly (and update your preferences) to get started!


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